ESRIC was invited to be involved in two live webinars for BiteSize Bio; a fantastic organisation that works with the scientific community to drive knowledge transfer through the creation of articles, webinars and discussions. These can be about anything from how microscopy techniques work through to how to best communicate with your PhD supervisor! The webiste is full of useful tips and tricks that can be invaluable to scientists in their research and you can access all of these for free just by clicking on this link.

Our ESRIC facility manager Ali Dun presented two live webinars for BiteSize Bio, sponsored by Leica Microsystems, on the 15th and 16th of October 2014 and these are available to watch on the ESRIC YouTube Channel as well as other short videos.

The first webinar covers the very basics of confocal laser scanning microscopy and is aimed at the confocal novice or those with little experience in the technique. Within this webinar you will learn about the key aspects that are unique to a confocal system, what these mean in terms of the images produced and when this technique is best applied to a research question. The webinar includes a demonstration of the Leica software with the aim to outline to key advantages in confocal microscopy. 

The second webinar is a guide to choosing the right imaging technique dependent on your scientific question. With so many different ones available it can be very difficult to know what the right one is for your specific question. Making the right choice is so important in getting the most out of your sample and unless you have unlimited access to every technique finding out can be both time consuming and expensive! In this talk Ali trys to make that decision easier by guiding you through the thought process of which to use and those important questions you need to ask yourself before you start. The webinar utilises the Your Experiment flow diagram that is accesible via our website.