The 2nd ESRIC Super-Resolution Summer School was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from all participants last week, with fantastic discussions looking critically at the issues still surrounding super-resolution microscopy and forging connections across institutes and disciplines that can only lead to further advancement in the field of microscopy. The course took place from the 3rd until the 7th of August 2015 and was attended by 33 delegates, the small attendee size allowed for open discussion within our informal seminars and Q&A sessions as well as during the practical workshops.

summer school 2015

The pioneers of super-resolution microscopy, leading scientists that are continuously pushing the limits of super-resolution techniques and the biological applications, came from across the globe to teach during the course and left the next generation of microscopists truly inspired. We were lucky enough to have Dr Susan Cox, Professor Christian Eggeling, Erik Manders, Dr Colin Rickman and Professor Silvio Rizzoli return for a second year in a row as well as some new additions to our faculty with Dr Sebastian Van de Linde, Dr Ilaria Testa and the Nobel Prize winner Dr Eric Betzig also speaking. All seminar sessions were interactive with participants creating active discussion around the super-resolution techniques and sample preparation.

Participants were able to reinforce the theory in practical sessions, ran by ESRIC’s industry partners (see our sponsors below), being able to get hands-on with their own samples, gaining practical tips and guidance for their own research. The ESRIC Summer School was organised in collaboration with Olympus UK and is also sponsored by Bioaxial, Hamamatsu, Leica, Nikon and Zeiss; the commitment and hard work put in from all of our sponsors is invaluable to the success of the course and we look forward to welcoming them next year.

During the week we had our usual social events, where participants were able to take some time out to absorb the days talks and workshops and also network with fellow researchers from across disciplines, institutes and continents! Our formal dinner was held at The Dome for the second year in a row, whilst for our informal social we headed to Dynamic Earth for dinner followed by a Walking Tour from Historic Edinburgh Tours.

summer school 2015 2

''It was an absolute pleasure to welcome such a spectacular array of microscopy experts from our faculty to our application specialists as well as our delegates who came from all over the world to participate and brought such enthusiasm and energy to a learning-packed week! We very much look forward to next year!''

“Keep this program running forever! Its a big inspiration to upcoming scientists.” Participant, Sweden

“Really great course, I was left really excited about super-resolution microscopy” Participant, UK

“I liked very much that we had participants from very different fields and with different backgrounds. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to look at your scientific question from a different angle.” Participant, Poland

"Great program and great organization, great execution and thanks again!” Participant, U.S.A