The ESRIC Advanced Imaging Symposium 2015 was held at the IGMM on the 13th of October this year (2015), with Professor Wendy Bickmore, Director of the MRC Human Genetics Unit and co-director of ESRIC, opening the event and welcoming 120 delegates to the brand new lecture theatre within the HGU.

The Advanced Imaging Symposium enabled scientists from a variety of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) fields to engage with the local imaging community and stimulated ideas for future interdisciplinary collaborations. We had a great list of speakers from across Scotland as well as our keynote speaker from University College London, Dr Ricardo Henriques, who gave an inspiring talk about new super-resolution methods.

Students from the ESRIC PhD studentship programme presented their research findings during the symposium, highlighting their interdisciplinary work in super-resolution microscopy. This networking event sparked great discussion and allowed for the students to get advice and support in their microscopy research.

imaging symposium 2015

Pictures from left to right: Professor Wendy Bickmore giving the opening talk; two of ESRIC's PhD students (Kai Skodzek and Katarzyna Cialowicz); the Imaging Team at IGMM (Matthew Pearson, Harris Morrison, Ann Wheeler and Ahmed Fetit)

“the symposium was a great opportunity to meet fellow PhD students from across Edinburgh as well as learn from some fantastic speakers about a variety of microscopy-related research going on across the universities"

Katarzyna Cialowicz, ESRIC PhD Student