In 2013 ESRIC was approached by Study Abroad in Scandanavia (then known as the Danish Institute for Study (DIS) abroad) about a visit from a group of undergraduate students to come and see the work we do here and the facilities we have. Since the first visit we have welcomed the organisation back over 5 times, each time with a new group of enthusiastic early-stage scientists, who come and learn about the research ongoing in ESRIC and in IB3. The most recent visit was in June 2016.

DIS16 scale

The students are from a variety of disciplines from America however they are all part of the same international study placement course in Biotechnology and Medical Science.

Each visit is a great experience for, not only the students, but also for the students and post-doctorates in IB3 that can show their research to a new audience. The images show DIS students on tours of the ESRIC microscopes with Ali Dun (facility manager), the Optics lab with Amy Davies (PDRA) and the 3D Bioprinting lab with Dirk-Jan Cornelissen (PhD).