2015 saw the second year of our Summer school running and the applicants this year were just as enthusiastic as the last! Full details about the event can be found here.


We have been lucky enough to have visits from two first ministers the last two consectutive years, it is a great way to demonstrate to politicans the exciting and vital work that takes place at ESRIC. Leaders in the field of super-resolution microscopy were on-hand to explain any questions they might have had.


The Incredible Power of Light was an event held at Heriot-Watt in 2014 and brought scientists from all aspects of light based research together to engage with the public and show what exciting work with light was taking place currently.


The Edinburgh International Science Festival. which lasts two weeks, allowed for presentations to be goven to audiences of all ages and expose people to the fascinating work being done by ESRIC at Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh University. In 2014 Prof Rory Duncan and Dr Paul Dalgarno lead the way with an excellent presentation.


The Imaging Symposium was launched in 2015 and offered a chance for innovative leaders in super-resolution and PhD students to come together and discuss/show project work. This invalable oppourtunity helped lead to project problem to be overcome and further work in super-resoultio microscopy to take place.


ESRIC's annual Summer School started in 2014 and was met with an exciting number of applicants. Filled with seminars and pratical workshops, the school was a resounding success. Find out more details about exactly what was involved in the 2014 school here.


ESRIC Summer School goes virtual for its…


Our 7th international super-resolution summer school ran between 8th - 16th June 2021 and attracted attendees from all over the world. 

A successful 6th year for the Summer Sch…


Our 6th international super-resolution summer school ran between 15th-19th July 2019 and was a resounding success! Save the date for next year - 13th-17th July 2020! 

Registration Open for the ESRIC Symposia…


The ESRIC Symposia is back in May this year, come and network with local super-resolution enthusiasts and learn about some of the most recent developments in the field at the...

Women in Cell Biology Award


Celebrating Pleasantine Mill, her wonderful work into ciolopathies and her recent achievement being awarded the WICB early career medal..

ESRIC Super-Resolution Clinic


ESRIC will be holding a super-resolution clinic on February 28th in partnership with SULSA, ONI and Leica Microsystems..

ESRIC Summer School 2019!


Roll up Roll up! The 6th ESRIC Super-Resolution Summer School will be open for submissions on Friday the 11th of January!