The 2019 ESRIC Symposium will be on Tuesday 28th May at the IGMM. The keynote speaker will be Ibrahim Cissé (MIT). More details can be found at the dedicated webpage here.

In its first year, ESRIC held its Launch day in June 2013, which included informal talks from microscopy experts from across the UK and Europe and a poster session. Researchers from across Scotland and the rest of the UK attended and with ample time for networking it was a kick-start for the collaborations that formed with ESRIC and its neighbouring institutes. 

From the success of this event, the ESRIC Advanced Imaging Symposia was launched in October 2015 at the IGMM. This annual event enables scientists from a variety of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) fields to engage with the local imaging community, stimulating ideas for future interdisciplinary collaborations. The event hosts a great list of speakers from across Scotland as well as keynote talks from invited speakers from further afield. 

Students from the ESRIC PhD studentship programme present their research findings during the symposium, highlighting their interdisciplinary work in super-resolution microscopy. This networking event is another chance for them to meet throughout the year and sparks great discussion, allowing for the students to get advice and support in their microscopy research.

“the symposium was a great opportunity to meet fellow PhD students from across Edinburgh as well as learn from some fantastic speakers about a variety of microscopy-related research going on across the universities"

Katarzyna Cialowicz, ESRIC PhD Student (2015)