Professor Rory Duncan is the Co-Director of ESRIC and Director of the IB3 at Heriot-Watt University. Rory works closely with collaborators across the physical sciences and has particular expertise in SMLM and FLIM. His research focuses on regulated exocytosis and calcium signalling.


Professor Wendy Bickmore is the Co-Director of ESRIC and is Director of the MRC Human Genetics Unit at the IGMM, Edinburgh University. Wendy's research focuses on the organisation of the genome in the nucleus using imaging techniques such as SIM.


Dr. Ann Wheeler is the facility manager for ESRIC @IGMM and works with collaborators to improve imaging samples at the level of super-resolution. Ann has particular expertise in the use of SIM and single-molecule microscopies.


Dr Colin Rickman uses state-of-the-art microscopy techniques to study regulated secretion at level of single proteins using advanced localisation and cluster analysis. Colin teaches at the ESRIC Summer School through workshops covering SMLM acquisition and analysis.


Dr. Graeme Whyte works across the discplines within the institute of biological chemistry, bioengineering and biophysics. His work brings together microscopy, microfluidics and biophysics to develop and use advanced optical techniques to study cancer cell biology.


Krystena Callaghan is a Tissue Culture specialist and works at Heriot-Watt University as part of the ESRIC team. Krystena's contribution to ESRIC allows us to offer live-cell imaging to external users and she is also on the ESRIC Summer School organising committee.


Matthew Pearson is a technical expert in advanced microscopy and forms part of the IGMM advanced imaging team where the SIM and STORM microscopes are housed. Matthew has years of hands-on-experience teaching students and post-doctorates and helping them get the most out of their imaging experiments.


Dr. Weiping Lu's research is in non-linear optics and image analysis. Weiping works closely with the ESRIC team on a number of projects including the denoising and tracking of single particle data and the development of new super-resolution techniques.


Dr Paul Dalgarno is an optical physicist working closely with ESRIC colleagues and students on projects at the interface between Biology and Physics in areas such as image processing, fluorescence lifetime imaging and 4D super-resolution.


Dr. Laura Murphy holds the position of Bioimage Analyst on the facility team at the IGMM. Laura enjoys helping, including scripting.


Dr. Jessica Valli manages the Heriot-Watt University site and works closely with ESRIC users to optimise and develop their research ideas using state-of-the-art techniques.