PhD Studentship Programme:

Every year since ESRIC was established in 2013 we have offered a number of 3-year PhD students in projects which are interdisciplinary, across institutes, with super-resolution microscopy as the underlying theme. Each student is enrolled in the ESRIC Super-Resolution Summer School, which allows them to build on what they have learnt in their first year and be able to take this forward into their PhD project. The ESRIC students are involved in SUPA and Edinburgh Imaging to further develop their skills across disciplines, as well as the Annual ESRIC Imaging Day.



New PhD Studentships available for 2017:

ESRIC is offering 3-year PhD studentships for 2017, details of the projects and how to apply can be found here. Projects offered this year include:

Characterisation of Actin Dynamics and Photoreceptor Dysfunction in Retinitis Pigmentosa
Primary site: The Univeristy of Edinburgh

Observing the Molecular Machinery of Exocytosis
Primary site: Heriot-Watt University

Chromatin Architecture of the Developing Limb
Primary site: The Univeristy of Edinburgh

The deadline for applications is February 26th 2017, all information on how to apply, who is eligible and more project details can be found at and searching ESRIC

ESRIC aims to apply advanced microscopy techniques to investigate cellular function and human disease with state-of-the-art systems alongside a broad range of expertise across the scientific spectrum. This is an exciting opportunity to work at the cutting edge of biological imaging at the molecular scale with access to the latest technology. Appropriate multi-disciplinary supervision will be provided.