The Facility

Within ESRIC we have a number of super-resolution microscope systems which are capable of a range of highly advanced techniques, by clicking on the image on the right hand side of this paragraph you can find information on each of these technologies including the specifications for each, where the microscope is located and who is best to contact to arrange training and access.


On this page you can find out how to access the facilities here at ESRIC – that is how to find us, how to register, how to request training and book our systems. In addition you can access the protocols for sample preparation for each technique. All users are given free training on how to use all of the optical systems and the super-resolution techniques and support in experimental design and data processing.


ESRIC is an imaging consortium formed from two imaging facilities which together provide researchers with a vast array of advanced imaging platforms as well as the expertise to acquire and analyse the data. ESRIC is dedicated to education and training of those at the University level and the general public.