Our Facilities

ESRIC houses multiple microscopes across both sites, our staff will help you choose the correct microscope for your research project.


Not know which microscopy technique is right for your scientific question? This flow diagram will help you choose the right technique.


Here at ESRIC we have a range of microscopic techniques and software packages that, when combined, allow for high quality dynamic imaging to be achieved. These techniques include: Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy (TIRFM), Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) and SRRF-Stream


For investigating fluorescent lifetimes and interactions between molecules and single photons, it is appropriate to use Time Domain Microscopy. ESRIC houses several different microscopic technologies to allow for this objective to be achieved, these are: FCS and spt-PALM.


We often need to visualise the biological constituents within cells below the limit of resolution to better decipher the true organisation of the cellular structures. The technologies offered by ESRIC to enable this are Gated-STED and SIM.


Here at ESRIC we have a number of super-resolution microscope systems capable of a range of highly advanced techniques, allowing for imaging of molecules down to several nanometres. For single molecule imaging we off a variety of technologies including: PALM, 3D-STORM and Atomic Force Microscopy.


Measuring molecular interactions and the properties of fluorescent proteins is a desirable capability to answer many scientific questions. ESRIC offers several techniques that allow you to do exactly this using single photon counting methods; Fluorescence LIfetime Imaging Microscopy and Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy. 


Projects requiring cells for microscopic imaging can be provided by ESRIC and our tissue culture facilities. Here you can find out about the facilities and what we can offer to help you achieve your project goals.


ESRIC offers a variety of software packages to aid you with your data analysis of experimental results. These powerful packages help in obtaining the best quality outcomes from your experimental results, allowing you to be confident in presenting them to whatever wider audience they are aimed for.